Letterbox Flowers Northern Ireland

  • Mar, 02 , 20
  • Mandie Nickels

Letterbox Flowers Northern Ireland

This is ideal for decorating customer facing businesses such as hair salons, nail bars, estate agents and many more. Carry on with your day to day business and enjoy the convenience of your local postman delivering letterbox flowers from Mandies Creations, to all of the UK. You do not need to visit a florist, the flowers come to you as you require them. All you need to to is arrange them in your vase with water.

Great flowers to send by post include: roses, chrysanthemums, gerbras, alstroemeria and iris. We have plenty of gorgeous bouquets that include these flowers so you sure to find the perfect gift.

We also all have a Grandparent whose mobility may lead to a feeling of isolation, or a distant loved one, both of which we would like to visit or contact more. What about a fresh bunch of flowers landing on their door mat with a loving message? The smile on their face as they arrange the flowers how they wish, amazed at how they arrived, and how thoughtful you have been is priceless. A phone call from them is certain to follow within minutes.

Our Letterbox Flowers Northern Ireland are designed for delivery through the standard Royal Mail postal service. The box fits through most post boxes, and is robust enough to protect the flowers through the delivery process. You don't even have to be in the house to receive your flowers, they will be safely on your door mat for your return.

We offer the same beautiful, fresh flowers you see on our website. Such as Chrysanthemums, Roses, Lilys and variations of foliage to complement them. If you don't see something that matches your requirements, or have specific requests, then drop us a line.

The flowers are sent in bud to make sure they are fresh for a long time after delivery, and allowing the recipient to watch them as they bloom. This does not mean they are any less beautiful. A full spectrum of shape and colour will be presented as the blooms mature over time.

We have a growing selection of compatible bouquets listed here from £11.50:


Complimenting the Letterbox Flowers Northern Ireland is our subscription service to automatically send 1 or 2 unique (your choice), seasonal bouquets a month for your desired period. The longer the subscription period, the bigger the discount. Example prices:

  • 1 Letterbox Flowers bouquet per month rolling £18.00 per bouquet
  • 1 Letterbox Flowers bouquet per month for 3 month flower subscription £17.70 per bouquet
  • 1 Letterbox Flowers bouquet per month for 6 month flower subscription £17.40 per bouquet
  • 1 Letterbox Flowers bouquet per month for 12 month flower subscription £17.10 per bouquet


This applies to Letterbox Flowers Northern Ireland, small and large gift boxes for local delivery and collection.

Any questions just ask!