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Flower Delivery


These Lily, Rose, Gerbra and Chrysanthemum's boast luxurious, full-bodied heads and a 48cm stem. Just the thing for when you want to make an impression for any occasion. Flowers Great for Mothers Day, Valentines Day, birthday and anniversary. This bouquet comes hand-tied by our expert florists for Flower Delivery, hand-wrapped in frosted cellophane, and presented in a gift box. 

 Lily, Rose, Gerbra and Chrysanthemum Hand-tied Bouquet Details: 

1 x Stem Pink Lilys

1 x Stem Green Pompon Chrysanthemum

2 x Stem Purple Pompon Chrysanthemum

3 x Stem Cream Kenyan Roses

2 x Pink Gerbra

Tree Fern


Wrapped in clear and frosted cellophane 

Presented in a gift box 

Stem length: Approx. 48cm 

Hand-tied by our florists for Flower Delivery in Lisburn County Antrim for Belfast and Northern Ireland

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