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Flower Delivery


These Rose, Gerbra and Celosia boast luxurious, full-bodied heads and a 48cm stem. Just the thing for when you want to make an impression for any occasion.Flowers Great for Mothers Day, Valentines Day, birthday and anniversary. Lisburn County Antrim for Belfast and Northern Ireland. This bouquet comes hand-tied by our expert florists, hand-wrapped in frosted cellophane, and presented in a gift box. 

Rose, Gerbra and Celosia Hand-tied Bouquet for Flower Delivery Details: 

3 x Stem White Roses

3 x Stem Yellow Roses

1 x Stem Purple Pompon Chrysanthemum

1 x Stem Yellow Pompon Chrysanthemum

1 x Stem light Green Chrysanthemum

1 x Stem Pink Celosia

2 x Stem Deep Pink Gerbra


Wrapped in clear and frosted cellophane 

Presented in a gift box 

Stem length: Approx. 48cm 

Hand-tied by our florists in Lisburn County Antrim for Flower Delivery

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