Wedding Flowers Belfast

Wedding Flowers Belfast - Tulips and Roses

Wedding Flowers Belfast - Tulips and Roses


In December a beautiful bride had her big day wedding flowers in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Belfast. Her request, 7 weeks earlier, was for elegant tulips and roses. 3 bouquets, a centre piece, button holes for the groomsmen, and gift bouquets for the mums in all.

The wedding flowers results were stunning, and brought a tear to the brides eyes when I met with her that morning to set up. I always love the set up stages on, or the night before, the big day. The anticipation of all involved, and being able to contribute to settling the nerves of those involved.

All the best for your future lives together!


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HI Mandy
Received a lovely arrangement of flowers from my sister in America, via yourself. They are really beautiful. I will be using your expertise in future and recommending you to my friends. Regards
Joan McCartney, Kirkwoods Park Lisburn

joan mccartney

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