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Popular funeral flowers


Almost any cut flowers are suitable for a funeral wreath or spray. Seasonal availability will influence options and some flowers will be more expensive than others, especially at certain times of the year. Our florist will be able to provide advice on availability, price and suitability.

Whether you want your funeral flowers to be vibrant and colourful or calm and serene, traditional, contemporary or quirky, there are several flowers commonly included in funeral tributes.

Known for their elegant beauty, both the Greeks and Romans revered the lily and it is referenced in the Bible and by Shakespeare. There are many types, but white lilies are most often seen in funeral arrangements, traditionally symbolising innocence and a return to peace.

Acknowledged everywhere as a symbol of affection, there is a huge variety of colours available in roses. White blooms suggest innocence, red love, pink grace and deep crimson roses denote grief and sorrow. A single rose placed within a funeral arrangement is said to show enduring love.

Carnations are very practical choice for floral funeral arrangements as they tend to last a long time are strongly scented and generally affordable. Although available in many colours, white, pink and red are most common at funerals, symbolising innocence, love and remembrance respectively.

Gladioli are often used to bring height to classic funeral arrangements. Named after the Latin ‘Gladius’ or sword, their historic association with gladiators has led gladioli to be used, traditionally, as funeral flowers for men. They are used to represent strength of character and integrity.

Daffodils and Tulips
Spring tulips and daffodils suggest new beginnings, bringing hope for the future to grieving families. The bright yellow of daffodils brings a splash of colour to solemn funeral services, hinting at a return to cheerfulness. Tulips in white are used to symbolise forgiveness, and red, enduring love.

In some parts of Europe chrysanthemums are thought of solely as funeral flowers. In China, Japan and Korea, white chrysanthemums signify grief. They have no strong symbolism in the UK but their simple beauty and strong colours makes them popular in funeral flower arrangements.


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